Promotional graphic for Pixelait's AI-powered Spell Check tool, showing a dark interface with highlights on features such as 'Edit and Improve Your Images' and example corrections of misspelled words like 'quik' to 'quick' and 'blury' to 'blurry', with a prominent 'FREE' label in the upper right corner.

Discover the Magic of Spelling Check Tool from Pixelait in Figma


Pixelait is excited to introduce our latest tool, now available directly within your Figma projects: The Spelling Check tool. This new feature promises to revolutionize the way designers handle text in their images. It ensures clarity and correctness with unusual ease. Just as our Color Palette Extractor tool simplified your color analysis, our Spelling Check tool is set to streamline your text management—all for free!

How It Works 

By implementing the power of advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, our Spelling Check tool allows users to upload any image containing English text. Here’s how simple it is to use:

  1. Upload your image directly into your Figma project.
  2. Activate the Spelling Check plugin from the plugin list.
  3. The tool scans the image, detects all English words, and if any spelling mistakes are found, it suggests the correct spellings right away.

With these straightforward steps, your text containing images will now reflect not only creativity but also linguistic precision.


  • Works on Images: Directly analyzes text within any images uploaded into Figma, whether it’s a scanned document or a graphic in a UI design.
  • Detects and Corrects: Not only identifies all the words but also pinpoints spelling errors, offering correct suggestions instantly.
  • Completely Free: As with all Pixelait tools, this tool is accessible to all users at no cost. No subscriptions, no fees—just a powerful, essential tool at your fingertips.


With the integration of Spelling Check tool into Figma, we continue our commitment to providing designers with the most user-friendly tools available. Advance your design process not just visually but textually. Present error-free, polished designs every time. Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of the Spelling Check tool. Start transforming your text-heavy images today, completely free of charge!

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