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Meet Pixelait’s Color Palette Extractor


In the world of design, colors play an essential role in bringing messages, setting moods, and creating visually appealing compositions. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just stepping into the world of UI/UX, having the right color palette is essential. That’s where Pixelait’s Color Palette Extractor (CPE) comes in – a revolutionary tool designed to streamline the process of extracting colors from images with precision and ease.

How it Works

Pixelait’s Color Palette Extractor (CPE) simplifies the task of extracting color palettes from images. With just a few clicks, users can upload any image – be it a UI screenshot, photograph, or artwork – and watch as CPE effortlessly identifies and extracts the most used colors within the image. By applying advanced algorithms, CPE accurately determines the hex codes of these colors, presenting them neatly in chat box format.
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Export Options

CPE not only simplifies color extraction but also offers universal export options to suit your workflow. Once the color palette is generated, users have the flexibility to copy individual hex codes or export the entire palette in various formats, including PNG, SVG, and PDF. Whether you need to integrate the colors directly into your design software or share them with your team, CPE has you covered.
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  • Fast: With Pixelait’s Color Palette Extractor, speed is of the essence. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual color picking – CPE swiftly analyzes images and delivers results in seconds.
  • 100% Accurate: Precision is key when it comes to color extraction, and CPE ensures remarkable accuracy. Rest assured that the colors identified by CPE reflect the true essence of your image.
  • Completely Free: At Pixelait, we are committed to making design tools accessible to all. That’s why CPE is available to all users completely free of charge. No subscriptions, no hidden fees – just a powerful tool at your fingertips.

Additionally, for Figma users, CPE is also available as a plugin, seamlessly integrating into your design workflow. Simply search our Pixelait’s CPE in the plugin section and access CPE directly within the platform.


With Pixelait’s Color Palette Extractor, designers can simplify their workflow, express their creativity, and bring their visions to life with confidence. Try Pixelait’s Color Palette Extractor today and revolutionize your approach to color analysis.