Pixelait's AI-powered Spelling Check tool interface, displaying corrected spelling errors in text from an image, marked as free and available in Figma.

Meet Pixelait’s Spelling Check


In the digital era, providing accurate spelling is necessary for clear communication and professional presentation. Whether you’re a designer, content creator, or anyone working with text, the need for error-free content is important. That’s where Pixelait’s Spelling Check comes in – an advanced tool designed to identify and correct spelling mistakes directly from images with ease and precision.

How it Works

Pixelait’s Spelling Check simplifies the process of identifying spelling errors in text within images. Users can upload any image containing text – be it a screenshot, scanned document, or any graphic – and watch as Spelling Check scans for spelling errors. Utilizing advanced optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, Spelling Check not only detects mistakes but also suggests accurate corrections, presenting them in an easy-to-read format.

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Export Options

Spelling Check doesn’t just identify spelling errors; it also provides versatile export options to enhance your workflow. Once the text is analyzed and corrected, users can choose to export the corrected text in various formats such as TXT or PDF. Whether you need to integrate the corrected text into your design software or share it with your team, our tool offers the flexibility you need.

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  • Fast: With Pixelait’s Spelling Check, speed is a priority. Forget about time-consuming manual proofreading – Spelling Check quickly analyzes images and delivers results in moments.
  • Highly Accurate: Precision is critical in spell checking, and the tool ensures exceptional accuracy. Trust that the corrections suggested by our tool reflect the true content of your text.
  • Completely Free: At Pixelait, we believe in making essential tools accessible to everyone. That’s why our tool is available entirely free of charge. No subscriptions, no hidden fees – just a powerful tool at your disposal.
  • Available in Figma: For Figma users, the tool is also available as a plugin, smoothly integrating into your design workflow. Simply search for Pixelait’s Spelling Check in the plugin section and access it directly within the platform.
Promotional graphic for Pixelait's AI-powered Spell Check tool, showing a dark interface with highlights on features such as 'Edit and Improve Your Images' and example corrections of misspelled words like 'quik' to 'quick' and 'blury' to 'blurry', with a prominent 'FREE' label in the upper right corner.
Introducing Pixelait’s AI-powered Spell Check: Enhance and correct your images directly in Figma for free!


With our tool, users can simplify their workflow, ensure flawless spelling, and enhance their content’s professionalism effortlessly. Try the tool today and transform your approach to spell checking and text correction.