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Ultimate AI assistance on your UI screenshots

Leverage our AI tools to improve your product's interface, pinpoint UI flaws, assist with textual content, spelling, and optimize font and color selections.

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Key facts about Pixelait

Pixelait offers a toolset to enhance any UI

Our spell and grammar check, font and color palette detection, and the ultimate  UI assistant  will help you elevate any interface.

All you need to do is to upload an image

Simply upload an image and receive immediate feedback—an effortless way to check specific elements within an image.

All of the tools are powered with AI

Our super-fast tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) also learn through machine learning, becoming smarter day by day.

You can share the results with anyone

Share the provided feedback on images and projects (groups of images), and simplify the process of seamless collaboration.

Best value at minimal cost

Pixelait products are designed to deliver substantial value to users while remaining predominantly free of charge.

Referral rewards and discounts

Anyone can take advantage of our referral program for constant discounts and benefits.

It takes only three clicks to access a tool

With Pixelait, you're never more than 3 clicks away from accessing the tools you need.

Continuous improvement

We continuously improve our tools, ensuring Pixelait remains a cutting-edge solution for UI assistance.

We are a UX-focused company

User needs are our top priority. We never spam and highly appreciate user feedback.

Simply upload an image

Just by uploading an image, you'll receive immediate insights on fonts, color palettes, text readability, and typos.

Tool 1
Extract UI Colors

Pixelait's Color Palette Extractor automatically detects the color palette of your UI images, including primary, accent, secondary and text colors.

Tool 2
Detect Fonts

Say goodbye to font guesswork and hello to precise design choices!

coming soon

Tool 3
Check Spelling and Grammar

Say farewell to typos and hello to polished content.

Tool 4
Check Text Readability

Ensure readability is at its best with Pixelait's Text Readability Check.

coming soon

Tool 3
Extract Text from Image

Easily get text from image with our fast, accurate and FREE OCR tool. Upload your image and copy text of any language.